Airborne Drumz - Fuck Tha Void
Airborne Drumz - Fuck Tha Void

Format:CD ¥1,000 mwcd-002


The idea. I always wanted to mix electronic and instrumental music together. Like the person who has experience in both directions. I decided to make the 3rd album. The most agressive, emotional and chaotic in breakcore i knew. I wanted to go thru it as an underground musician and leave it in my past.


Yeah! The main idea was the emotions, the chaotic in electronic music, and in breakcore. Like, I listened a lot of electronics and even breakcore but it was usually too straight. The structure inside '2nd wave' breakcore and jungle was really complex but not the whole picture. There was a lot of rhythm emotions in instrumental music (chaotic hardcore/violance/mathcore), like even the drum line without melody showed it. I wanted to bring it to electronics and I started.

The 1st track was "Fuck Rambo" and when I 1st time played it on gig I realized that it was the sickest shit I've ever heard and I just gotta make the whole album. I kept going write tracks. I played gigs. I spoke with musicians 'bout sound. I made it better and better. Step by step until I finished it.


The name of the album. Man, few words 'bout that time of my life. I worked f'ing 40 hours per week to survive f'ing megapolis i lived in. So, I had only 3 hours per day to write music and only 2 weekends to go somewhere to play. It took me 1 month to write each track and I spent all my free time doing it. I just lived this album. I breathed it.

It took 1 year to write it. And almost 1 year I played these tracks on gigs. Sometimes, I had few gigs to play on weekends, one after another. Like I went to some city, played gig, then went back to Moscow, worked the whole week, and then went to another city on next weekends. I was exhausted, I was sick many times. I spent all my money to equipment, tickets, and other stuff and didn't got anything back. It is fucking pain of underground, the shit many underground musician feel.


When you travel and play gigs you have a lot of emotions and a lot of new feelings. However, you can't share them with anyone 'cause when you live this way you don't have close friends. So, all you have is isolation and void. But you still make and play music, you still do what you want and have to do. And, this is what i wanted to tell in the album. Fuck the void.


01:Fuck Rambo




05:Welcome Home





01:Fuck Rambo

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05:Welcome Home

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Fuck The Void.Laptop Death Metal is a pretty popular genre nowadays but this release is one of the most interesting. A fresh breath of breakcore. Chaotic and high-speed music, so loud and powerful! Inside you will find amen blastbeats, distorted breaks and lots of death metal/grindcore guitar riffs. As for me, it was a long awaited album. All the tracks were heard live many many times, and every time i listened to them i became really insane. Airborne Drumz was one of the best performers on the Russian underground scene (till he get to Europe). Always weird and funny. All the lovers of digital power metal will love it immediately!


Totally Fuckedup(MURDER CHANNEL/Peace Off)


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