Graz / Sounds of the Plunderground
Graz - Sounds of the Plunderground

Format:CD 1,500JPY mwcd-007


01.Otaku Brainwave Meltdown
02.Murdera Anthem
03.Vibe Dem Burn
04.Mappoint Of The Living Dead
05.PLUR (People Look Ugly Rolling)
06.Fly Me To The Rainbow
07.Left Coast Party Crawlin
08.Issues On The Downlow
09.Slave To The Hotness
10.Lock Stock, And Two Smokin Bassbins
11.Otaku Brainwave Meltdown (FFF Remix)
12.Mappoint of the Living Dead (Reizoko Cj remix)
13.Issues on the Down Low (Numb’n’dub remix)
14.Murdera Anthem (PPS Remix)
15.PLUR (Guchon Remix)
16.PLUR (sHimaU Remix)



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