Airborne Drumz - Worshiping Mars Triangle
Airborne Drumz - Worshiping Mars Triangle

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Yeah. That was really strange time in my life. I decided to change something but i didn't know what will be in the end.

I still don't know and nobody knows. There is only a faith... I made WMT in 3 different cities, started in Moscow, then few tracks in my hometown and the rest in Prague. I was facing some awkward situations, meeting weird people and visiting strange places when i was moving to Europe, to the new country.

My stereotypes were destroyed irreversibly. And, i guess, this album is about what i was feeling during that movement to nowhere.


In the album i tried different styles of music, like drum'n'bass, dubstep, electro, breakcore, etc. Some of them were new to me, and it was amazing experience to try to use my knowledge and to work in new directions. I learned a lot during production, and, what was also awesome, i made few remixes on my favorite musicians. As a result, i had 10 tracks where each one was different but for some mysterious reasons they fit with each other and give the right atmosphere to the album. The atmosphere which is really close to what i felt during that year.


There's a concept about 10000 hours. That each man of art should practice about 10 years to be a specialist in his art. It's like drifting towards Red Planet for years... motivated by only one hope, that one day you will reach it... you will reach Mars.



01.The Future Is Here (feat. Lucem Fero)

02.No Panties Dance

03.Utoya Island

04.Puddi Dappstep

05.Guchon - From The New World (Airborne Drumz RMX)


07.Will Miss You Earth

08.Kodek - PGSR (Airborne Drumz RMX)

09.Totally Fuckedup - Dr. Phantom (Airborne Drumz RMX)

10.10000 Hours


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Dark voices, heavy drums, laser synths are the main ingredients of this work.

But the way how they're cooked makes the difference: industrial feelings goes along with dance music,

from disco to dubstep, from drum'n'bass to electrocore, somehow all together.

At the end you're dirty and swept, but now the triangle is more glitter than before.


Miki Semascus


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