Eternal Sunset / Almost heaven
Eternal Sunset - Almost Heaven

Format:MP3 mwdg-002


"Almost heaven" is now available on both Beat port and on iTunes music store!


The album consists of beautiful tracks that you can feel traditional Japanese flavor such as "Behind the Clouds" "Autumn Falls""The light of the future" "Twilight" "Water nymph" "On the other side"Apart from that "Binary Land" is a simple and straightforward chipbreak tune.


The last track "Almost heaven" will bring you almost heaven!


01. Time Capsule Video
02. Behind The Clouds
03. Autumn Falls
04. Binary Land
05. The Light Of The Future
06. Acidrain
07. Twilight
08. Kyoto In The Rain
09. Water Nymph
10. Twilight 2
11. On The Other Side
12. Almost Heaven


cover illust:Dong





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